Tips For A Kid-Friendly Summer Season

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Summer is here and the heat is unbearable and this is just the beginning. As a mom, I will be always panicky during the summer months as the heat and infections can make your life miserable. During the first two summers of my child’s life, I didn’t feel a thing about it. But last summer was a nightmare. Heat rash, stomach infections, and tantrums during those hard days had made my life miserable. However, this year I am ready to beat the heat and thus to have a kid-friendly summer.

Here are some tips that saved my kid during the hot days by cooling the heat rashes. These are simple and easy-to-follow tips for your kids this summer. I will also share how I saved my kid from all the hot rashes and infection in his first two years. Read on to know more.

Tips For A Kid-Friendly Summer Season


Water is the key to all the infections in the summer months. It is also the ideal remedy for all the infections too. Make sure your kid drinks only purified water. Always carry a bottle of purified water whenever you go step outside. Keep an eye on the water your kids bathe or swim in. Recreational water diseases are caused by the germs and chemicals in the swimming pool water. If your kid is learning to swim, make sure she takes a shower before and after entering the pool. In this way, you can have a kid-friendly summer without compromising the fun.


Always dress the kids in loose cotton clothes. It is important that the clothes allow aeration to the kid’s skin and soak the sweat. It is important that you wash the child’s clothes properly. Make sure that not even a single speck of residual detergent in the kid’s clothes. Rinse them thoroughly and use disinfectant in the last rinse to get rid of any present bacteria.

Check this article to know how to keep your baby’s skin safe and have a kid-friendly summer.


Give the kids lots of fluids and food that is easy to digest. Keep the use of spices and oil at a minimal level. Eating summer fruits and smoothies as snacks will help keep your child’s metabolism rate high. INT


Do you use lots of powder on your kids’ skin? Then limit it immediately. The particles of powder clog the pores and limit the flow of sweat. This results into heat rashes on your kids’ skin. Instead, wash the sweaty parts of the kids properly and apply powder in a limited portion. Also, do not use too much-fragranced cosmetics on their delicate skin.

Outdoor activities

Kids love to play outside and you cannot deny it. Let them play but take every precaution to keep them healthy. Do not forget to carry a good and kid-friendly bug repellent. Dress them in light-colored clothes and carry a good amount of fluids with you. INT

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  1. Oh I loved the article, summers bring joy of vacations as well constant nagging for ice creams, ice-golas, cold drinks and open invite to endless infections.
    Loved the tips. Thanks for sharing.

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