Weekly Photo Challenge: Up!

Let's touch the sky!

The height of Human will

The two photographs, though taken off two different objects, depicts the same will i.e. to touch the sky. The tree, free from any bond, is touching the sky with her arms wide open. For me, the tree says, “do not cut me, let me, grow, let me touch the sky like the wind which play with my arms!”

The second photographs is of the Qutab Minar, New Delhi. The structure itself is the sign of the human will power that wants to touch the sky with his work. Men can not fly, but it can make aeroplanes that make them travel through air. They can not touch it, but they can build structures which can touch the sky even after hundred years of its construction.

Yes, like them, I want to touch the sky too. Let me fly with my mind. Let me fly!!

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