Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog?

Dear readers, in my last series on mompreneurs, I discussed how a Mom can start her own online business from home and take care of her kids and financial issues. In this post, I will today discuss why I blog.


Today, I will discuss how I became mompreneur and how I manage my business. For me, my business starts from this blog. I also maintain two other blogs which are on food & travel writing and book reviews. But when I started this blog, money-making was not in my mind. It was a hobby blog just like thousand blogs out there.


The first call for money came when I was approached for a sponsored post. Till then, I was ignorant that I can actually make money from my blog. But one after other, I started getting offers, comments, and queries. Only then I realized that people do connect with my blog and my ideas. Now after 5 long years, I am considered as one of the top bloggers in India.


But the success did not come easily. I almost gave up on blogging when I was unable to manage time for it. I stopped writing here for almost one and half year. Yes. One and a half year, the blog was barren. But constant messages, queries by my readers forced me to get back to what I love. And the money once again came back to me.


Within six months, the income from the blog surpassed my 9-5 job’s salary. It gave me the confidence to pursue blogging full time. I admit I was a little skeptic about it at first, but who doesn’t love some extra money? One led to another and the blog has turned eventually business for me.

I now fully consider my blogs as my online entrepreneurship. I love writing and it has empowered me economically beyond my imagination and expectations. It has given me the freedom to work from anywhere I want and be with my child all the time.

It has given me the freedom to choose with whom I will be working and how I will work with them. I am my own boss now.

Why Do I Blog?

Why do i blog?

So, why I started blogging in the first place? The reasons are simple.

I started blogging because,

  • I wanted to express my passions.
  • I wanted to establish myself as a writer.
  • I wanted to share my knowledge with like minded people.
  • I wanted to build a network.

After 5 years into blogging, now the blogging has become my passion. I have already established myself as a writer. So, why do I blog now?

  • I now love to share my knowledge with people who can be benefitted from it.
  • I love networking and working people.
  • I now blog to earn money.
  • I now blog to document my journey as a mere ‘hobby’ blogger to a professional blogger.

So, you can easily see that the motivation behind my blogging journey has changed over the time but the desire to share my knowledge with people has not changed a bit.

As I mentioned earlier, I have gone through ups and downs to reach this position. It has been a roller coaster ride so far but I am sure that I will be here until the end.

I will share more insight into my blogging journey in upcoming days. I will now share how do I earn money from my blog and how you can do the same. I will be sharing how you can start blogging too with the passion like me. So, stay tuned to this space and stick with me till the end of my blogging journey. I may have never reached this position unless you readers love me so much. So, thank you, dear readers. Thank you for everything!


P. S. I have started a Facebook group to share how you can build a business centered on an idea or passion. feel free to join the group here.




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