15 Bloggers On How They Manage Work & Family as Women on This Women’s Day!

“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Being women is not easy. And to manage both work and family/kids without sacrificing your true self is not easier either. Being a stay at home mom who works from home, I have always been awed by women who manage everything with ease. So, this Women’s Day, I come with bloggers from different parts of the world on how they manage both their family and work without compromising their values.  And the answers would give you insights of how these superwomen are celebrating their life every day without any complaint. They enjoy what they do and it has given them the confidence and power to manage everything in their life. Read on, dear readers.

15 Bloggers On How They Manage Work & Family as Women on This Women's Day!

Vasantha Vivek

Vasantha Vivek is a happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker, and lover. Teaching is her passion and reading is her love while she loves to cook. She blogs at My Sweet Nothings.

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Vasantha says,

Balancing work & family is an art. If you learn and love to do it, then it’s such an easy task. I set priority to all tasks and I never mix up my family and work matters. I get help from my hubby if needed, planning ahead would certainly help, I too seek the company of positive friends to keep myself positive & motivated.


Prerna Sinha

Prerna is a mother of two, a compulsive traveler, fitness freak, a yogi, an eclectic writer and founder and editor of MaaOfAllBlogs, one of the leading parenting blogs in India. She may wear many hats but her identity lies in every other woman who lives around you.

Prerna says,

When it comes to achieving a balance in your life, I believe it’s all about setting your priorities, planning, and organizing. I am not a superwoman and don’t intend to claim to be one. The moment I accepted this, I set my priorities; while no one can replace me when it comes to being around my kids, I knew I could hire as much help as I needed to take care of everyday home jobs. So I have a calendar with my monthly goals, a planner for my daily schedule and I make sure I tick the tasks at the end of the day and if I have anything pending, I carry on to the next day. While I can cook, I chose to drop my kids off to school and play with them and during our play; I get an anecdote from their day. 

Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

Deepa is a Post graduate in Foods and Nutrition, who also went on to complete her M.Phil. A freelance dietitian, she loves dancing and writing. She strongly believes in the adage, “Make your passion your profession and you will never regret”. A dietitian by education, Blogger by passion, a mommy of two girls, she shares all her experiences through her creative eyes as a blogger at http://kreativemommy.com. Follow her on her blog to read about her thoughts and ideas on everything about life. It is a one place solution for all your queries related to nutrition, traveling, parenting, and everything life.

Deepa says,

I am a freelance dietician, Lifestyle and mommy blogger, choreographer but first of all a mom. I try to manage everything and also give time to my family and my daughters. I plan things in such a way that I am always there for my daughters when they need me. I have never missed a single PTM, Sports day, annual day or any other event related to them. 

But I strongly believe that being a mom doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything else in life. In fact, I am enjoying this phase of life a lot and would suggest all mothers take up a hobby, take out some me time and do not forget yourself in the process of motherhood. It’s all about priorities and time management. 

Mandavi Jaiswal

In her own words, Mandavi is a die hard romantic, self-confessed perfectionist and hopefully a writer in the making, that describes her!! Mother of two absolutely adorable kids, wife to a caring husband and daughter to the most loving parents; she is always ear to all good things in life!! 9 years of corporate experience, 2 wonderful years as a start-up co-founder, Mandavi has many interesting stories to tell. She blogs here regularly and a regular guest blogger at Stories of Motherhood.

Mandavi Says,

I always thought work life balance was important but I only realized its true meaning after I had kids. But that did not mean I wanted to let go off everything dear to my heart. So I paved a path for myself which gave me enough flexibility to work AND give my 100% to the kids. I knew time spent with kids had to be non-negotiable. So I set my priorities right. I outsourced everything else which was cooking, household work etc. I think, its one life to live and I want to live it to its fullest. Happy Women’s Day!

Vedaprana Purakayastha

In her own words, “A Digital Media Editor by profession, a blogger by hobby and a wife to an IT professional don’t define me well. I would love to be known as a mother of a kind and sensible woman when my 7 years old grows up and becomes a responsible citizen. A thinker and a dreamer that I am, my biggest dream is to make women, the ones like me, to come out of their shells and make places for themselves in the society, with all confidence and aplomb.” Vedaprana blogs here.

Vedaprana says,

We women are always busy, ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of others. How often do we find ourselves working towards our dreams?
With a full-time job, a hyperactive kid, household chores, I am the one who is always struggling hard to maintain equilibrium between my desires and duties. And of course, my duties weigh so heavy on the scale that desires are forced to take a back seat.

There was a time when I would be extremely tired and lazy to spend on my hobbies and would prefer to take a small nap in my leisure times, which was the only thing I would do for myself. But with time I have seen myself changing, I can’t sleep if I don’t do things that I want to. This has taken a toll on my health. I am a blogger by hobby and the only time I find to sit peacefully is after midnight. And I do this, EVERY DAY. I am left with hardly 5hrs to sleep and I know this isn’t enough but do I have a choice! I need to feel accomplished and this is possible only when I spend some ME time.

So, I don’t sacrifice myself, but I sacrifice my SLEEP to maintain a balance. Oh yes , another must mention is my salon time, I don’t pamper myself the way most women do, because if I try taking care of my skin and hair, my blogs will remain unwritten forever. Sad yet true!

Debbi Weis

Debbi Weis is the owner and creative director of Dragonfly Floral Design, a Sydney (Australia) based floral and creative studio. She has some amazing floral designs specially created for events, weddings or other special occasions. Check her amazing collection here.

Debbi says,

I think one of the hardest challenges that working women face, is the constant challenge of work/life balance. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mother, wife, ‘Martha Stewart’ happy homemaker – but the reality is that coming home after a very long work day, we all have the same issues – piles, washing, dinner to make, shopping to unpack, and a house that looks far from the beautiful pages of glossy magazines and home styling blogs! So, how do I balance? To be honest, I don’t balance very well – BUT, I have changed my ATTITUDE about balance. I have realized that I’m not the only woman in this position – and I need to stop putting pressure on myself to be something that is extremely difficult and unrealistic! Once I decided to be honest with myself, and to be open with my family (husband, son 23, daughter 21) about my attitude, then everything started to FLOW much easier for me – and my family. Everyone started pulling their weight around the home duties because they realised how important my work and career is to me – I don’t want to just be doing all the household things, I want to grow as a designer and in my field of expertise – which means less time at home and more time in my business.


Suzi Whitford

Suzi Whitford is an Industrial Engineer and blogger. She creates productivity methods and resource guides to grow your blog as a mom.  She blogs at Start A Mom Blog.

Suzi Says,

Being a work at home mom while raising young children is difficult. There is always housework, laundry, cooking and cleaning that needs to be done. Additionally, my little girls are both under 3 and still need my help for everything. The best way that I’ve found to balance work and family is to stay flexible. I work in the margins of the day when the girls are napping or sleeping. I get most of my work done early in the morning from 5:00 am – 8:00 am. When I am caught up on my work I’ll spend a few minutes exercising or taking an uninterrupted shower. 

Additionally, we try to simplify our life as much as possible. We meal plan, limit our outside commitments and have standard routines to smooth out the evening. Mostly, it just takes creativity and flexibility to balance work and family life, it’s never perfect, but as moms, we do what we can. 

Milan Singhal

Passionate about writing and equally passionate about mothering her two kids, Milan feels each passing day is a concoction of trials and triumphs; pain and pleasure; challenges and cakewalks, making motherhood a pleasant journey to tread. Milan blogs here.

Milan says

Time management, preparation, delegating work to family members and keeping a reliable help at home are a few methods which help me in maintaining a work-home balance.  I try to finish my work commitments during morning hours when my kids are at school so that neither do I compromise on the time I spend with my kids nor crib about not finding time to finish the household chores. I also value my “me-time”, (reading or simply laze in front of the television) which is usually after kids go to sleep.

I am also aware that all my planning and approach might not be a permanent solution to balance my work and family life so I am flexible enough to make adjustments in my routine if it doesn’t gel with my priorities and goals.

Carol Hanson

Carol inspires women who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. She is passionate about helping women see that they are beautiful and encouraging them to be confident about their bodies.  She is a personal stylist and offers 1:2:1 consultations, workshops and run retreats.  Carol is all set to launch her own range of fashion accessories.  She lives with her husband and two dogs.  Check her blog here.

Carol says,

I ran my first business for 9 years in the 1990s and got the balance totally wrong between work, family, and life. My marriage hit the rocks and it was the wake-up call I needed to do something about it.  I was also battling an eating disorder at the time and coming to terms with the fact that I’d been told I would never have children as unbeknown to me I’d had an early menopause (in my 20s).   My marriage was worth saving and I took the decision to sacrifice my business.  We are just about to celebrate 37 years of having been together on March 9th. 

Now the combination of stronger relationship, my better work-life balance and the fact that I am now fully recovered from my eating disorder allow me to run two businesses while trying to also launch my own range of fashion accessories. I love what I do and so my business is not work but is a passion.   

I find that my routine of regular gym classes and training with a PT (Personal Trainer) along with walking our dogs and dabbling in watercolors are perfect antidotes to my hectic working life.   I also have a great network of people around me, particularly women.  We offer each other support, celebrate each other’s success and offer a warm hug when needed.   

Jasmeet Kaur Deep

Jasmeet is a commerce graduate, and post graduate in education and holds a diploma in interior designer. Currently, a teacher whose only student is her son. She has pursued my passion for writing as a blogger and a content writer. Jasmeet blogs at Mommy Voyage.

Jasmeet says,

Being a woman in a man’s world may have its share of hardships but given a choice, I wouldn’t ever choose otherwise. Only a woman can give up the comfort of her home, become distant from her parents and transform another house into a home with love, compassion, and selflessness. 

I aspired to be a teacher since I was a little girl. My superwoman, my mom made sure the dream came true. Soon after I got married and was blessed with an angel on Earth. 

I am a woman but contrary to popular belief I have my own aspirations and dreams too. Was I supposed to give up work? Was I supposed to feel guilty about not being around my baby? How about striking a balance? 

I have been passionate about writing and motherhood did not call for a sabbatical but it opened another door for me. And hence, I am now a teacher-mom who shares her experiences on the blog and writes on various platforms. 

It’s about being true to you. You may have given up on a lot, but you are definitely going to find a way you can rise and shine. 

Cheers to womanhood!!

Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda is a mama to two toddlers, a teacher by day, and a blogger by night. She has been blogging for 5 years at The Accidental Mrs., where she shares parenting tips, product reviews, personal stories, recipes, and more. If she’s not baby-wrangling, in the classroom, or behind her computer, you can find Amanda decorating her new home, or enjoying the outdoors with her family in Atlanta. She runs her blog as The Accidental Mrs.

Amanda says,

Although it’s extremely difficult, I’ve found a balance between work and family by making sure the two are very separate. I try to stay as focused as possible on work while at work, and on my family while at home. This helps me enjoy the little moments more, without worrying about trying to sneak in work at home. I may have to work harder or stay a little later, but this division helps me avoid sacrificing my true self.


Ruth Graulau
Ruth is a wife, mom of 2 girls, and a lover of cupcakes. She has been a geek for a very long time and now she gets to help individuals and small businesses with their social media needs. Ruth blogs at www.g2socialmedia.com.

Ruth says,

Creating a balance between work and family is every parent’s goal. I have found that sleep is one very important aspect of my life. If I don’t sleep enough, I don’t function well, and my attitude is terrible. Making sure I go to bed at a decent time is the way I can do everything else. I try to exercise 2-3 times a week, but it all comes down to sleep. As long as I am rested I can manage to balance my mom duties and finish my work.

As parents, we need to figure out what works for each of us, but this is what helps me be a better mom.

Menaka Bharthi

Menaka Bharathi a.k.a Simple Indian Mom is basically an Agricultural Microbiologist. She is an Organic Lifestyle Enthusiast and Organic Food Producer who markets it under her own brand –SIM Organics. Mother of two energetic boys she blogs at simpleindianmom and is a Parenting Consultant and conducts online and offline workshops on teaching mindfulness to children and mind-mapping for a better future for children.

Menaka says,

My day starts at 5 every morning. By 7 I am done with my content creation and blog sharing. I then can get to wake my children for this school and other daily chores. I always make sure that I am not working when I children are around and keep myself free for the family on the weekends. 

I never work on weekends whatever may be the urge to do so.  I get my menu planned for the week, budget planned for the month and my blog scheduling is where I am still working on which I am planning to do one month ahead.

With all this done I am free for my weekend mindfulness workshops and other programs.

Rakhi Parsai

Rakhi Parsai is a mommy to an adorable 4 yr old munchkin, obsessed with reading, talking to her plants in mini terrace garden and decorating the house in free time. I am a communications professional, Blogger and a keen storyteller who thrives on sunshine and reading as much as possible in a day to be able to come up with stories for her daughter. Two things have always remained constant about her: her passion for storytelling and the thirst for acquiring new knowledge, skills, and experience. In all these little over 10 years in her career, she rose from intern to Corporate Communication professional, from a mentee to a mentor. Aside of this, she is a dreamer and a bibliophile. She blogs at  www.lifethrumyeyes.com

Rakhi says,

We women are born strong and are the masters when it comes to balancing life around work and family. I personally feel that it’s how you embrace work and integrate personal life around that. Juggling between work and family isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard as hell, trust me. But I am proud of being the women as I have been able to prioritize and balance on day to day basis and lead a full life that includes rewarding career and a happy family.

I believe most important is to come to terms with choices and focus on the priorities that are at the moment. It’s been over 5 years that I have been taking care of family and my work and balancing both the worlds without giving up much of my true self. It did require few sacrifices-whether its sleep, walking away from opportunities or choosing what to focus on. But I am proud of all the decisions that I have made and where I stand today as letting go of certain opportunities have given me better options for leading happy and healthy life. Last but not least I believe work and family success requires investing time in others, so its best that we collaborate when we cannot delegate to others at work or at home with family.

Sarah and Andrea a.k.a She’s Crafty Decor

She’s Crafty Décor is a little venture by two working mothers, Sara Cooper and Andrea Feingold, which started back in September of 2016. They both lead very busy full-time jobs, raise children, take care of their homes and share an immense love for all things décor. In less than six months, their Instagram account (@shescraftydecor) has reached almost 1,200 followers, some of whom very loyal and supportive. They are branching out into new avenues such as home staging, event décor, furniture restoration and repurposing. Most recently, they have been sponsored by two companies (Ten Strawberry Street Mugs – @tenstrawberrystreetmugs – and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint – @mmsmilkpaint). Both companies have become followers and have taken notice of how She’s Crafty Décor appreciates and promotes their products. Sara and Andrea are respectively the right and left brain of this little operation. Yin yang. Soul sisters. The future is promising when one works out of passion and from a place of truth! Check their works here.

They say,

How do you manage your family and work without compromising your true self? Well, the brutally honest answer to this question is that you do not always do. In fact, most of the time you take yourself and others for granted and fail to be kind to yourself and ask for help when things becoming overwhelming. There is no manual on being a working mother and doing it right. What is right for one person might not be right to the next one.

You will not have always have it all figured out: appointments will be missed, kids will be yelled at out of anger, laundry will pile up, work will drive you mad, husbands will be clueless, dogs will have accidents, you will drive others insane. The key thing is to be humble enough to admit that you are imperfect and kind enough to forgive your own shortcomings and those of others around you. You will take a deep breath, maybe shed some tears, but you will get up, dust off,  and move on. That’s life. Life is both beautiful and ugly. We must seek to openly communicate the things that bother us and to actively listen to the feedback that is given to us. A quest for perfection is fruitless so we must open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds to our true selves: imperfect, messy, but always trying our best to be kind, humble, and honest.


And at last, what I feel about keeping the balance between my work and family without compromising my true self. It is very difficult when your husband has to be away from home for the long spell of time. While managing my home and child, I work from home and the proper planning has helped me always. I live by a very strict routine and it has shaped my pattern of working. Being a mom to a toddler, it is always possible to work at a stretch but the routine life has always helped me to extract time for my hobbies like reading. I am a bookworm and amidst all the work and family life, I still go to bed with a book, every day.


 Cheers to us, cheers to women, all over the world!



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