Writer’s agony

Canopy over my head

It is almost a month from my last post. Today when I opened my blog, there was no visitor, no comment or like. It was apparent as I did not go through for last one month. Sometime the life keeps you so busy that it becomes impossible to pace with it. In a new place, new job, the struggle to keep our feet firm makes us so mechanical that the creative juice stopped flowing. After spending hours before my laptop to write a simple post and without any fruit, the frustration can be easily understood. Yes, I am going through the writer’s block my dear readers. Perhaps, this is the longest phase I have been suffereing in my entire career. However, I did not waste the time completely dear friends. I purchased new books, specially of Ruskin Bond and his witty writing rejuveneted my spirit thoroughly. I am starting it afresh and hope to see my blog flourishing with new ideas and new readers. After all, we all carve for readers, aren’t we?
So what you people do when you face similar situation? How do you get rid of writer’s block? Please share. Till then ….happy blogging!

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