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Guest Post: How To Ensure Mess Free Kid Activities

All kids, regardless of their age love playing and crafting, but the kids being kids do not think about the mess they are making, it is you – the parent that has to think about it, even in advance if possible. Kids just make a mess and stains everywhere, no matter what they do and… Continue reading Guest Post: How To Ensure Mess Free Kid Activities

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Indulgence: To Do Or Not To Do

We all love to pamper our children. After all, we are parents and it’s our right as well as duty to pamper our kids and indulge them in every possible way, isn’t it? Or do you think that over indulgence can ruin your kids? Well, it is a million dollar issue and no parent can… Continue reading Indulgence: To Do Or Not To Do

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A Perfect Cup of Tea!

Tea brewing is second to our nature. We Indians love our cup of tea. Take any situation, a perfect cup of tea is the ultimate answer. Headache? Have tea. Depressed? Have tea. Tired? Have tea. Celebration? Let’s make tea. See, we have soultion to any kind of situation with a perfect tea. There are few… Continue reading A Perfect Cup of Tea!

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The Art of Food Writing: Bongmom’s Cookbook

I am little late (Little?) late in writing about the book but trust me, the BongMom’s Cookbook has become my part. How can you write about something in mere a 5oo words blogpost when the thing is now synonymous to basic needs in my kitchen? As I have written at another place that cooking did… Continue reading The Art of Food Writing: Bongmom’s Cookbook

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Stimulate the Creativity in your Child

Babies are generally curious. They love to explore about things and if it guided properly, this curiosity can serve them well. I always try to stimulate my child’s inquisitiveness by introducing new things where he can play and learn simultaneously. But it is not always easy to find things that encourage the kid’s creative side… Continue reading Stimulate the Creativity in your Child

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#DreamTaril: Why I chose to Blog about Food

Dreams are the fuel that pushes our wheels of life. Being a middle class, small town girl, I am also full of them and wish that someday my dreams would come true too.  I do not expect a fairy godmother to come and whish the magic but I want to work for my dreams. I… Continue reading #DreamTaril: Why I chose to Blog about Food

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Fighting Against Gender Stereotypes

The other day, one of our relatives visited us. As she was family, I brought her to the kitchen to chit chat while preparing dinner for us. As soon as I entered the kitchen, my toddler ran to the kitchen and resumed his work as my ‘helper’. It is not that a two year old… Continue reading Fighting Against Gender Stereotypes